Monday, October 27, 2008

GAY vs. GAY Homophobia

This article was posted on the Log Cabin Republican website last week. I can definitely relate, especially since not only am I gay and Republican, but also gay and against same sex "marriage" rights. The hostile, nasty, and insipid reactions from so many other gays just strengthen and affirm my positions and beliefs, making it all the more necessary that the intelligent and mature voices in the gay community be heard, even when those voices are few. As I have witnessed first-hand numerous times over the past nine years, there is significantly more "homophobia" within the gay community than in mainstream society.

Here is the article:

As we enter the election's homestretch, gay and lesbian Republicans have come under intense fire from the gay community for daring to speak our minds about this campaign. Instead of arguing the merits of their candidate, too many on the left resort to name calling. Emotion replaces fact. Name calling replaces logic. In this case, those we often hear speaking about tolerance sound awfully intolerant.

Despite having the most pro-gay GOP presidential nominee in American history, we are attacked from the gay left.

Despite an history Q&A Sen. McCain did with the Washington Blade, a gay publication, we are attacked from the gay left.

Despite a campaign and a candidate who has reached out and asked for LGBT votes like no other Republican nominee before, we are attacked from the gay left.

Just check out a tiny sampling of the senseless inaccuracies filling the pages of popular, mainstream LGBT blogs and websites:

Gay conservatives "support those who would throw us all in prison.
- Alex Blaze, Oct.
21st, writing for the popular LGBT website the Bilerico Project

[Log Cabin Republicans'] "suicidal tendency to help a party that despises them is the pink elephant in the room.
- Popular gay writer Wayne Besen, in a Sept.
19th column for the Huffington Post titled "Log Cabin Republicans Should Disband"

"Gay Republicans? What about Jews for Hitler? or Blacks for the KKK?"
- Typical comment posted to the Advocate. com

It doesn't stop there. The e-mails we receive usually include the same tired stereotypes about gay and lesbian Republicans. Rarely do we receive a thoughtful analysis or critique of our work.

"It must be so painful to bear that much self-hatred, to be so ashamed of your sexuality that you would willingly sacrifice your rights in order to fit in with that...Republican party.

"Do you folks ever vote based on anything but your wallets?"

"F___ you a__holes. You make me sick and embarrassed that you are gay. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Noted gay conservative writer Dale Carpenter said it best: "It's the worst vitriol against gay conservatives I've seen in fifteen years in this movement.

*For your further entertainment and reading pleasure, I'll add a few silly comments that have been directed my way in recent weeks, comments which are of such deep thought and high intellect that they certainly help to advance the case for gay rights, as I'm sure you'll agree:

"You have a lot of hate and bitterness that you need to deal with man ... just like your man McInsane there ... Typical oximoran gay repugnant! YOURE AN A__HOLE!!! You are a disgrace to ANYone gay or lesbian.
Go find a woman and be done with it a__whipe!!!"

"I keep reading what you have written and I still can't believe it. You must have something wrong with you if you really think this way ... Just because you haven't had a good relationship yet in your life, doesn't mean that others haven't either OR that you won't someday.

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Karl in Latvia said...

Dude, you are attacked from the "gay left" because it may be that the Republicans have finally come far enough away from their Neanderthal period to nominate someone who knows the right things to say when being interviewed by the Washington Blade, but the fact is that this great hero of yours chose a shrieking homophobe as is running mate, has done a 180-degree turn from his 1980 statements about evangelical Christianity not being Christianity at all, and so on. I guess you and the other Log Cabin Republicans would be delighted with another four years of judicial appointments of judges who don't even recognize your right to exist or who believe that if you tried real hard, you could be a nice hetero. Jews for Hitler. Human rights activists for Stalin. Gays for Republicans. That ain't name calling, that's the fact.